StarGazers Postmortem


About The Game and Story

StarGazers is an interactive experience that allows players to explore a magical forest from the perspective of three different creatures. A mind-bending ‘Alice in wonderland’ troupe experience where the user journeys through an enchanted forest that isn’t what it seems. Players transform into the various life forms they interact with, taking them deeper and deeper into the layers of the experience as the world gets progressively stranger. The environments react to the player’s movements and actions for added immersion.


  • Transform into four magical creatures.

  • Bringing out your wild side has never been easier than in StarGazers. Through use of the constellations, change your form into multiple different animals. Each animal comes with a separate movement mechanic, from jumping to flying. You must use your new found skills as an animal to traverse the diverse and colorful environments around you.

  • Explore four drastically different environments.

  • Deep dive into dark and twisted forests, rocky swamps, an underwater chasm, and a cloudy escape from reality. In this VR experience, discover the vastness of the world animals live in.