Liminal Threshold Postmortem


About The Game and Story

You wake in an office. You fight in the O̸f̴f̶i̶c̸e̶. Try to escape the never ending O̸̥͊͋̿͒f̷͚͓̗̀f̵̞̜̭͍͆͂͆̓̊i̵̠̬͔͍̾͂̈́͌̅c̷̱͕̖̽ȅ̶̲̬͆͘͝. In this first person shooter, use your environment to survive in an increasingly chaotic battle against an unknown entity. Shoot, throw and duplicate objects and weapons in creative ways to push your way through the growing hoard to escape.

Liminal Threshold | Global Game Jam


"Liminal Threshold" thrusts you into the role of an office worker ensnared within a perplexing liminal space. As you venture through a series of progressively distorted rooms, you come face to face with relentless enemies that wander and charge at you.

To defend yourself against these otherworldly assailants, you are bestowed with a unique power: the ability to grasp, replicate, and discharge physics-based weapons. With each encounter, you must carefully strategize and find the most suitable weapon as most props are able to be picked up and turned into a weapon, considering both the environment and the unpredictable behaviors of your foes. Aim, time your shots, and unleash the forces of these weapons to thwart the relentless advance of your adversaries.