Decal Builder For Unreal

The custom decal creation tool that I developed was specifically aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of artists working on Skystrider. The primary objective was to simplify the process of creating decals while providing a wide range of options for variation. In the early stages of Skystrider's development, the environment textures were repetitive and lacked visual appeal. As a solution, we needed a tool that could quickly break up the monotony and add visual interest. With the decal creation system, the team no longer had to spend excessive amounts of time crafting decals manually.

The tools most common use was in blending placed foliage assets with our ruined architecture and other environmental elements. By leveraging colors that were similar to the foliage assets, we were able to create the illusion of complexity while still maintaining our stylized aesthetic. The tool's flexibility enabled our artists to easily define the shapes and colors of the decals, facilitating quick and seamless integration into the environment.

Leveraging Unreal Engine's built-in systems, the tool utilized dynamic material instances to enable the creation of diverse decal variations with ease. The tool was built using construction script, which allowed for an editor focused workflow. The details panel exposed a struct that contained all the necessary settings for customization, enabling artists to define the shapes and colors of the decals quickly.