Dead Root, Eye of Newt Postmortem


About The Game and Story

Made for the global game jam you play As a witch in your beloved herbaceous hut, the forest has been influenced by something sinister. But you have the power of alchemy and your adorable plants to keep you alive until you find a way to purify the lovely forest you call home! Make potions! Tend to your plants! Fight back! And keep the roots you call home alive, until you find a way to purify this overgrowth of evil!


"Dead Root, Eye of Newt" is a first-person tower defense game where you defend your hut by strategically utilizing various plants scattered around. Each plant possesses unique properties, and as the player, you must collect and combine them to create different potions. The recipes for these potions can be found in a book placed in front of you.

Once you successfully craft potions, you gain the ability to throw them and unleash various effects. In addition to the plants you collect, there are also plants positioned near the windows of your hut that automatically shoot at incoming enemies. While these plants deal a decent amount of damage, their base stats eventually become insufficient. To enhance their capabilities, you must throw potions at them to provide specific buffs, such as increased speed, augmented damage, or an area-of-effect attack. Additionally, there is a special potion designed to slow down incoming enemies.

The primary objective of the game is to survive for as long as possible while enjoying the gameplay experience!